Francesco Sedita was born on March 18 on Mott Street in the Little Italy section of New York, New York, to two native New Yorkers. He has an older sister, who liked to beat him up and still does sometimes.

When he was just a baby, Mr. Sedita's family moved to Randolph, New Jersey.

He was very stylish, even as a young boy.

One day, while trying to jump down a flight of stairs, onto some guy's back, Francesco broke his leg.

Then Sedita went to REM Country Day School, where his favorite teacher was Miss Marie. He really liked to paint and draw and tell stories. And eat and share cookies. His first foray into the world of "showbiz" was playing the title role in the pre-school production of "Frosty the Snowman."  His grandparents came and he cried throughout the entire performance, especially when the sun was trying to melt him.

The next year, he was cast as "Pirate #7" in the kindergarteners' rendition of "Peter Pan" and had one line, said in unison with all of the other pirates: "Yo ho, yo ho!" The sun, who had melted him in the previous year, had the starring role of Wendy.

He then moved on to Saint Virgil's School in Morris Plains, New Jersey and proceeded to cry on every first day of school up until, and including, the fourth grade.

Francesco liked to stay at home and play in his room. In second grade, he wrote a story about a little cat named Blackie.  Mr. Sedita did the illustrations, as well. One night over hot cocoa in his parents' kitchen, his across-the-street neighbor gave him the review that would change his career.

She told him it was the best story she'd ever read. And he decided at that moment to be a writer.  It had nothing to do with the fact that he just liked compliments and wanted to receive more of them. There are no known copies of this story in existence.

Sedita went on to receive many awards throughout grade school, including: Multiple Honor Rolls, Perfect Attendance, multiple and various-colored Science Fair ribbons, and even the Special People's Club honoree. He also held many public offices, including: Treasurer of the Fifth Grade; Student Council President, which enabled him to wear a very shiny pin each day; and Ambassador to the French Club.

Sedita also continued to develop his career as a writer, becoming the youngest Editor-in-Chief of the SVS PRESS. People called him "Rocky" as a nickname then.

But not because he was a fighter.

But because Francesco felt like a really big name.

He completed his grade school career with many accolades, including: Most Handsome, Best Dressed, and, most importantly, Most Popular. There were twelve students in his graduating class.

He then moved on to Delbarton, a prep school in neighboring scenic Morristown, New Jersey. In his four years there, Mr. Sedita once mistook a vat of mayonnaise in the cafeteria for potato salad and took a very large helping of it to eat.

This was on his first day of school.

He also fell down three steps and chipped his front teeth; ran over the front lawn of the school during Driver's Ed; went to a Halloween dance in costume when no one else was in one; and really charmed his way though Geometry.

In addition, Sedita dodged gym class, was the editor-in-chief of both the literary magazine and the school newspaper, and hung out with his dog, a Siberian Husky named Nanook.

Sedita then went on to NYU, where he got his undergraduate and graduate degrees in writing from the Gallatin School, which is like the coolest school ever. While there, he was a writing fellow for "Saturday Night Live" and got to make coffee for some pretty jazzy people.

Francesco loves writing. Miss Popularity 3 is coming soon. And he's currently writing a brand new project that he's really excited about but can't really figure out how to explain it. Yet.