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I don’t think it’s a good thing to feel stuck when I’m only on Chapter 2.

Listening to MIA. Really can’t enough of her. Do you know her? Check it:

Now going to get a haircut. Because I leave tomorrow for two weeks: Las Vegas, San Francisco to go to the Lucas Ranch, LA and then DOLLYWOOD.



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I am up early for a few reasons. I’m watching my friend Renato’s chihuahua this weekend. Her name is Tina Louise and he’s dropping her off any moment. She’s a teeny thing, weighing like 4 pounds.

Then I’m going to the gym and picking up the dry cleaning. Thrilling.

And then, off to BEA at the Javits Center. BEA is Book Expo America, where writers, publishers, illustrators and book sellers go every year. It’s kind of hectic but I totally love it. People give you lots of hugs and are happy to see you. I could use some hugs. Why not?

Hope your Saturday is great!

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See, I am so not blogging enough already!

But I have a good excuse, I swear! I’m writing Miss Popularity 3!

To prove it, I am about to release to the world the first sentence. This is a REALLY BIG DEAL.  Not.  But it made me laugh to write that.

Eh-hem.  Okay, here we go.  Brace yourself.

Cassie Cyan Knight looked at her green Swatch. 6:02! O my G, she had to get inside!

Hoorah! xxo

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Like, hi!!

This is my first posting. OMG.


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