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Hi! I have gotten some emails this week, telling me that I am a terrible blogger. And I am. I haven’t written in ages.

I have been slowly working on a new book. I really love it but it’s a hard one to write. I’m not going to say anything about it yet because I’m all superstitious.

I have been listening to lots of music while I write. Currently in my ears, I am hearing “Hands” by the Ting Tings. Some Trey Songz, a little Kylie Minogue, Hot Chip, Florence and the Machine, Nicki Minaj (although I always want to call her Nicki Minja!), and, of course Glee!

I’ve also been terribly busy watching television. Like “Saturday Night Live,” “The Big Bang Theory,”
“Modern Family,” and “30 Rock.” Liz Lemon is my hero.

The new Miss Popularity isn’t going to be out until April but I saw the cover and I love it.

Here’s the first lil bit:
Cassie Cyan Knight looked at her green Swatch. 6:02! O MY G, she had to get inside! Her nightly iChat with her best friend, Erin Donaldson, was about to begin. She’d been sitting on the lawn, relaxing with the newest J.Crew catalog and had totally lost track of time. (And those periwinkle coulats on page 23 were a very good reason to get distracted. They were adorable!) Cassie jumped up and ran to the front door, her bare feet bouncing off the soft, warm grass, the golden Maine sun bright above.
It was May, at long last. Hooray! It had been six months since the Knight family had moved to Maine from Houston.
Six months since Cassie had been with any of her Texas girls, including Erin.
Six months of snowstorms, wearing boots almost all the time, and freezing cold temps.
Six months of camping and trees and nature.
Six months of being a student at Oak Grove, a private school that was so different than her beloved Sam Houston Elementary, back in big ol’ Texas.

I’m really excited about this one. I hope you guys love it.

Okay, I am going to go. I am also a publisher of books for a publishing company and I have to read book 2 in this awesome new series called “Hello, Gorgeous!” You guys should read it when it comes out.

And read Bedeviled, another fab series we publish!

Okay, I hope to not take so long to write again soon!

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